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Posted: 25th May 2011 by vstrider86 in Uncategorized

If you been looking for a place to watch CSI Las Vegas videos online without being run around in circles, you’ve come to the right place. We're not gonna ask you to download someone else’s player, or tease you with a fake 2 minute sample, or point you to a place where you have to watch bad quality videos on some foreign website.

All these CSI episodes are hosted on fast loading, American video servers and are in HD quality.

And, so that you can inspect the quality for yourself, below is a full version copy of the pilot episode for CSI Crime Scene Investigation for your viewing pleasure (please be aware the video loads in a new browser window, so kindly bypass your pop up blocker if it doesn't load):

Yes, the video is hosted on a different website. And yes, you do have to wait a few seconds before you can continue as a free user. But, this is just a demonstration of the quality of video you will find here. And, hopefully, that met your expectations.

Now that we have your attention, we want to take this time to be honest with you. While we do provide the first six episodes of every season with the same quality as above, we do ask you to register for our website for the rest of the episodes. Think of the first six videos as full version samples. We want you to enjoy them so that you may, hopefully, join our growing community.

So please, go ahead and choose your season below:

CSI Las Vegas Season 1
CSI Las Vegas Season 2
CSI Las Vegas Season 3
CSI Las Vegas Season 4
CSI Las Vegas Season 5
CSI Las Vegas Season 6
CSI Las Vegas Season 7
CSI Las Vegas Season 8
CSI Las Vegas Season 9
CSI Las Vegas Season 10
CSI Las Vegas Season 11